40th Infantry Division Band

California Army National Guard

Concert Band (based out of Los Alamitos & Sacramento)

The Concert Band is the premier unit of the 40th Infantry Division Band.  This renowned group has performed at concert halls, venues, and events throughout the Unites States and the South Pacific. Its outstanding program includes a diverse selection of familiar marches, overtures, instrumental solos, classical transcriptions, and patriotic favorites. Through its program, the band continues the Sousa tradition of thrilling their audiences with spectacular displays of musical virtuosity and artistry.

The Concert Band consists of all the members of the band. Throughout its world class performances, the Concert Band has continually shown its dedication to musical excellence under the direction of our commander, CW4 Suganuma. The Concert Band enjoys promoting patriotism and the American way of life, through its lively program, and will continue this tradition well into the twenty-first century.

Ceremonial Band (based out of Los Alamitos & Sacramento)

The Ceremonial Band is the most versatile unit of the Band. It comprises all of the Soldiers in the band and is the most often used group. We regularly provide music for Military activities, including change of commands, reviews, retirements, and promotional ceremonies. This is in addition to the numerous parades and patriotic ceremonies that we perform each year.

The Ceremonial Band continually provides musical support to the Soldiers of the 40th Infantry Division, the National Guard, and the citizens of California. The band has proudly represented the Sunburst Division at such events as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Special Olympic Games in Los Angeles and many other events in the western United States.

Rock Band-DD214 Experience (based out of Los Alamitos)

The DD214 Experience meets the demand of modern rock. A quartet with occasional guest appearances. Takes the audience in a journey thru time and provides the soundtrack of youth culture. From seminal development of rock & roll of the 50's, surf in the 60's, psychedelic, grunge, punk to the music of today. Dedicated to providing support for recruiting and community relation efforts, the group is a favorite at civilian and military functions. This high energy group is always in demand with both younger audiences and the young at heart.

Trombone Quartet (based out of Los Alamitos)

The Trombone Quartet exudes the musical versatility showcased by other ensembles, playing a wide range of styles from jazz, pop, and rock, to ceremonial fare, movie soundtrack favorites, and much more, with one notable enhancement - we are the Band's most streamlined, portable musical performance team with a roster of just four Soldiers. Always ready to pick-up our trombones and go, this ensemble has played for every size and shape of venue, from professional sporting events and full-scale ceremonies, to small concerts and other more intimate gatherings, military and civilian alike. The Trombone Quartet is proud to show our audience with each and every performance we give, that there is no limit to what one may expect from a group of four trombonists wearing the Army uniform.

Jazz Combo (based out of Los Alamitos & Sacramento)

The Jazz Combo's repertoire consists of jazz standards, latin jazz, and swing styles.  The group is ideal for formal events, music festivals, social events, and small intimate gatherings.